Empowering and Educating Individuals and Teams

莫泽与拉塞尔·马丁合作 & Associates (RMA) to provide our clients a complete suite of customized professional development Services. RMA has more than 25 years of experience working with successful companies to train and engage employees, 建立更强大、更有效的团队, and to unlock the full potential of their leaders.

罗素马丁 & Associates – Helping You Develop a More Agile Workforce

RMA offers a proven track record of helping organizations reach their full potential. Working at the intersection of human development and IT technology, RMA provides existing resources and customized solutions in the areas of 项目管理, 团队建设, 和必威app在哪里下载力发展. 

拥有超过30年的从业经验, 卢罗素, 军事革命的学习主管, is an established thought leader in the field of corporate learning and development. 作为军事革命的驱动力 博客 and a published author of nine popular books on topics such as leadership development, 包括它的必威app在哪里下载, 项目管理, 和员工发展, Lou brings a comprehensive real-world understanding of the challenges encountered in the workplace to help companies overcome them to quickly improve their performance and meet their business goals.


RMA offers several popular tools, templates, and training programs, including both 现场培训和现场网络研讨会, to help your managers and employees improve their 项目管理 skills to become more productive. Our 项目管理 training programs include:

In addition to our existing training programs, RMA can work with you to create advanced 项目管理 courses that are engaging and effective and tailored to your company’s unique needs and culture. 与必威app在哪里下载的乐趣, 快, 和灵活的过程, we will work with you to develop a common language around 项目管理. We’ll use your existing tools and content and develop additional materials as needed to help you create a standardized, 可重复的, and immediately implementable training program that fits the needs of your learners. 

RMA knows that when it comes to 项目管理, 有时候问题不在于人, 但是这个过程. If your processes are getting in the way of achieving successful project outcomes, our RMA experts can work with your executives and practitioners to evaluate your 项目管理 process and identify ways to improve them. We can build a customized 项目管理 solution for your company that is 可重复的, 灵活的, and consistent with current best practices and design a review process to help you ensure its continued success. 


Now more than ever, success in business depends on building effective 团队. If you have 团队 that struggle with communication, cannot seem to resolve conflicts or have difficulty making decisions your company’s performance is suffering. RMA can help you overcome these and other challenges with solutions designed to help you build stronger, more highly-functioning 团队 that are more creative, 创新, and able to reach their highest potential. 

必威app在哪里下载提供团队建设解决方案, personalized coaching and consulting Services, and customized in-house offerings that will focus on your team’s strengths and align the vision of the team with your business goals. Our tools and templates will help your 团队 be more effective in their day-to-day work. Foundational courses will help your 团队 assess their individual strengths and personalities for more effective communication and collaboration and to better manage change and transition: 


Leadership doesn't have to be hard, and good leadership skills can be learned. 在过去的三十年里, RMA has trained thousands of leaders on how to better align their actions and priorities with the strategic direction of the company and how to coach and develop employees for optimal performance. 

RMA offers a wide variety of solutions to help you refine the skills of your current leadership team and develop your emerging leaders, including one-on-one coaching and customized in-house training sessions. We also offer existing courses to provide individuals the tools to better develop their capacity for leadership: 

RMA also provides leadership consulting Services and executive coaching to help your company better manage change and transition. We will work with you to inventory your current leadership competencies and identify additional skills needed to grow your next generation of leaders. 学习模拟, 促进会议, 和培训时间, we can help your current and emerging leaders better understand their strengths and unique personalities and how to leverage them to build relationships across the organization. 


RMA helps companies grow by growing their people. By tackling the tough issues that reduce the effectiveness of leaders, 团队, 和个人, we deliver measurable improvement resulting in an increased return on investment (ROI), 提高员工敬业度, 更好的性能, 和更大的创新.