The career of a Project Manager has the exciting benefit of knowing no two days will ever be identical.  Projects have a lifecycle from initiation and planning to execution to closure.  When managing multiple projects at the same time, each project may be in a different stage, with multiple stakeholders needing to know varying levels of detail 关于 status.  It can be a very taxing position, with high visibility.  The Project Manager is expected to know the answer (or be able to find it) to a wide variety of questions, usually in a short timeframe.

Working with a client as an outside/ consulting PM can be a little daunting because there is an expectation that the consultant should be able to provide value at a rapid pace (the client is paying for us to be there after all!).  But in order to be effective, there is a period of onboarding that needs to occur – learning the people and processes – to productively run whatever projects are planned. 

值得庆幸的是, as a new Project Manager with Moser Consulting, being brought in and up to speed quickly has been a seamless process.  Moser has a full library of tools to provide every team member with what they need to be successful in an efficient manner.  But maybe even more importantly, the leadership from Moser wants to make sure that the correct skill set AND personality are a match for the right client.

From the first day with Moser, we are welcomed with open arms.  Whether it is in person (like veteran Moser employee Heather who is transitioning to the PMO) or a series of virtual meetings (like Becky’s COVID-conscious first day), the onboarding process is personalized, relaxed and welcoming – even though there is a lot of information provided.  Time is dedicated to making sure we are comfortable with both the systems in place and overall expectations.  There is a clear focus on the strong support system in place: from weekly meetings with our supervisors, to team meetings, all the way up to the open-door policy of the President & 首席执行官泰莫泽.

One of the things discussed early (and often) is the encouragement to seek out professional growth opportunities.  Moser aims to harness their employees with certifications and training to better support a broader spectrum of client needs.  Heather is in the process of attaining her Project Management Professional (PMP), and Becky has discussed looking into Scrum Master Certification (CSM) in the near future.  Clients love to see these resume items, knowing they are getting the best in the business from a Moser Project Manager.

After more than a year of many people working from home, joining the Moser Project Management team (even just over Zoom meetings) has felt like a breath of fresh air.  The company hasn’t forced everyone to return to their cubicles, but there is certainly the feeling that anyone and everyone is still accessible whenever needed.  Becky got the chance to meet several co-workers at an Indians game, and immediately felt like she had budding friendships with smart, 积极的, and genuine people. 

So even though PM work is challenging and starting work for a new company and/or a new client can be stressful, the team members at Moser start off on the right foot – positioned within a great company and surrounded by incredible people.