As human resource and corporate administration professionals, you have access to all kinds of information and data, but are you maximizing it to give meaning to your business? Or is it just sitting in tech stacks waiting to be used? With Honeycomb, you can see what your data is telling you. Maybe you know your turnover rate is too high but you’re not sure why. Perhaps you have a hiring surge during the summer months and need more insights as to why. 

Do you want to delve deep and get real insight into what is happening, so you can focus your efforts and get results with a limited budget? This is why we have applied our Honeycomb data tool to human resource data. Work smarter, not harder by receiving results about your data that can be used to make actionable changes in processes and procedures. 

Let’s answer a few commonly asked questions regarding Honeycomb for HR Solutions.

Q: Who is Honeycomb designed for?

A: Honeycomb is designed for professionals who need quick time-to-value, but are less concerned with tech platforms, integrations, and backend plug-ins. Honeycomb offers end-to-end analytics at your doorstep with a fully managed, centralized data lake built by experts with years of big data experience.

Q: Is Honeycomb safe for sensitive data?

A: Yes, Honeycomb is built to industry security and government standards. There are special features that Honeycomb offers, including:

  • Secure data in-flight and at-rest, managed by Azure credentials
  • Role-based access in Snowflake
  • Separate schema for PII/PHI, tagged with metadata, and partitioned into a separate storage container with different authorization
    • Corresponding views which obfuscate data flagged as secure
  • Report-based and/or row-based security in Power BI

Q: Can Honeycomb help with the constant requests we receive from government entities, marketing, executives, and others about our data? 

A: IDC data shows that a knowledge worker spends about 2.5 hours per day, or roughly 30% of the workday, searching for information.

The Honeycomb dashboards will give insight that you can slice and dice to get the reports and data you need, saving you time. With Honeycomb, you can easily look up the age groups of your staff, the average years of service, staff breakdowns by department, length of service by office, and more.

Q: I think I have a handle on my company's numbers when I look at Namely, Salesforce, QuickBooks, and other tools I have, but they don't connect or talk to each other. I have to look all over for statistics. Can Honeycomb combine systems to help us use our data to our own competitive advantage?

A: Honeycomb takes care of the tech stack by bringing your data from all of your tools together, without replacing any of them or changing your workflow in those tools.  Your custom dashboard can take data systems you already use, but are not currently connected, and merge them together so you can see your data all in one place. 

Q: I need insight into where my company stands on diversity and inclusion. Can Honeycomb help with that?

A: According to the McKinsey and Company Diversity Matters report, companies with greater diversity are 30% more likely to have financial returns above industry medians. Honeycomb can help you monitor your diversity numbers and results. You can get true insight that can help you pivot on initiatives and improve diversity at your company.

Q: We are constantly hiring and training. Can Honeycomb help reduce turnover? 

A: The Society for Human Research Management estimates that the cost of directly replacing an employee can run as high as 50-60% of their salary, and total associated costs of turnover can rise to even higher.

Honeycomb can help you find trends by connecting all your HR data from different sources. You can uncover which offices have the most turnover, separate data depending on if employees are full- or part-time, or parse the data out by any other factors. These will ultimately allow you to identify trends. Users can use these trends and reports to delve deeper into the area or areas with high turnover to find out why this is true.

Q: Can Honeycomb help when we have a surge in hiring? 

A: Yes, with Honeycomb, you can find out why hiring surges happen at specific times. The data collected by the system will show you if it is every year at the same time so you can prepare. Honeycomb will also separate out full-time and part-time hires, so you can see how the trends are moving.

Here at Moser Consulting, we believe that technology is a tool to achieve your objectives regardless of its location; in your data center, in the cloud, or on mobile. With the right people,  technology is the key to unlocking your business' full potential.

Learn more about Honeycomb here, or request a demo today to see what the Honeycomb data tool can do for you.